I didn’t really have anything specific to focus on when we began our session. Jamie was helpful at uncovering feelings that stemmed from childhood, guiding me through them, and reminding me that I was surrounded by love. Initially, when discussing these memories, I felt some deep fear come up for me that I thought I had already healed. She re-walked me through the same scenario 3 times and each time the fear began to dissipate. By the third time, this situation that initially brought me so much fear and disempowerment had me feeling strong and empowered. It also helped me to understand how this has impacted other areas of my life. All of this was done in just one session. Thank you, Jamie!

– Chelsea

As a complete newbie to this, the session was very informative and easy to understand.  Jamie walked me step by step and seemed very knowledgeable on EFT. I always  felt understood by her and never judged. She has such a calming and caring soul. I honestly learned something new about my anxiety that my few sessions of therapy in the past never even went into. Even my boyfriend figured out something new about his childhood just from me telling him about the session! It was all very nurturing and goes straight to the point and into the healing. I’ve met with other people in the past that either would beat around the bush for a while or I never learned how to heal/Fix my troubles. This on the other hand, really makes you reflect but also guides you on how to heal. 

– Angela

25 years old and I am barely understanding the true meaning of healing. I began my adventure of healing when I woke up the morning after a crazy drunken night feeling exposed. In 2018, I went to visit my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday with his friends. It was a great night until we headed back to his friend’s place and while I was drunk and laying down, someone touched my backside to comfort me and I flipped. That night is still pretty blurry but I remember crying hysterically and why. The next day, I was mortified and exposed. I had to explain to my boyfriend of over 4 years that I needed to heal and so we broke up that day because I never healed from my past sexual trauma. My trauma was effecting my enjoyment in life. During the first year of beginning my healing journey I was stumbling but I knew I had to keep going. Anytime I felt the need to cry, I cried. Anytime I was angry, I screamed. When I needed help, I took it. This healing journey opened doors for me, including meeting Jamie. I have heard of reiki master, spiritual advisors, and such but I never thought life would take me to Jamie. We all have a story, Jamie is one of the most important characters in mine. Jamie and I had a reiki session on New Year’s Eve 2020. The ambiance was comforting and the vibes were promising. I laid facing down as Jamie did her magic to help unblock and balance certain chakras. When Jamie softly mentioned that the session was over, I felt relaxed but like a shaken coke bottle, ready to just say it. I told Jamie what happened to me when I was 17 and who did it. She was the first person I have ever told about who inflicted sexual trauma on me all these years. Oddly, 8 days later my sister tells me that the same man who hurt me, hurt her. Then about a month later, I confront him and demanded to know why he did what he did. He did not know why but he kept telling me that he regretted taking advantage of me and my trust. He then, told me that he was raped by his church pastor when he was 7 years old. It stunned me that it is true that hurt people hurt people. My sister was hurt and so she use to bully me. I was hurt and so I hurt my then boyfriend. A grown man was hurt and so he hurt me. It is a cycle I have stopped. I have always loved singing but afraid to actually do it. Now that I have purpose and a reason to speak up, I have been pursuing my dreams of singing and with greater purpose to protect our children, advocate for women who were taken advantage of and men who are to afraid to speak up about their sexual abuse. Jamie is one of the most important characters in my story because she helped me, spiritually. I use go to group therapy, yoga classes, meditation sessions and have read many books on the matter of healing. All has been effective and preparing me for my encounter with Jamie. She triggered a ripple effect of living truthfully and ruthlessly. My confidence within love, the future and myself have been flourishing. Reaching this high point of a confident, fearless and purposeful persona, is like a dream come true for me. Now I am making room for bigger and better dreams. I believe I will have everything I have ever desired because if I can conjure up the courage to confront my predator then, I have nothing else to fear in this life. I am done living in fear. I am done with fears effecting how I live and it is because of my friend, Jamie. Thank You Jamie. 

– Leti T.

I had heard of EFT or tapping before meeting Jamie and knew it could produce good results and peace but what I didn’t know about was OEFT and how quickly and effectively the work could happen. In my first session with Jamie, I was in acute relationship pain and frankly could not imagine that anything would ever create any relief. Yeah that kind of pain.  She compassionately met me where I was at with empathy and curiosity and then walked me through a short but INCREDIBLY effective OEFT session. It was truly nothing less than mind blowing how quick and effective the session was  and how much relief I experienced immediately. Jamie was able to stay with me while in incredible pain and also witness the transformation compassionately with me. Both are remarkable skills of human connection and deeply treasured while I do some deep work.

– Deagon

I had two EFT sessions with Jamie and each session I left with so much clarity! Jamie is very insightful, she helped me understand my behavioral pattern and the connection to experiences in my childhood. She was very good in guiding me through the process and I felt really understood. I can tell she is very experienced and knowledgable. I highly recommend booking a session with Jamie! I’ll definitely continue to work with her. 

– Annett

Seeking alternative treatment for chronic sciatic nerve pain when all I’ve tried has failed, I contacted Jamie and scheduled a session. Not sure what to expect, she quickly put my mind at ease. Soft spoken with a kind heart , she was very easy to talk to. The session was tranquil and deeply relaxing and shortly afterward my pain had greatly diminished. I went home, slept soundly and woke the next morning with no pain for the first time in months!!! Renewed and overjoyed with heartfelt gratitude, Thank you Jamie!

– David O

Hey Jamie. Thank you so much for our session. I know our session helped me release some things around apprehension in relation to my childhood and being let down. I got good news btw and I even used your eft technique today when I was feeling hopeless. I never seen anyone do it your way which is very easy and simply for me. I usually don’t do eft unless it’s a follow along because I usually don’t know what to say but you knocked that right out. 

Thanks so much!

– Destiny