Emotional support made just for you!

Imagine a support system that is designed to specifically meet the needs of your mind, to meet you where you are, accommodate for your specific challenges, make your comforts a priority, address your unique issues, all while helping you easily and effectively manage and minimize the intrusive and disruptive emotions that lead to a lesser quality of life. Then imagine the possibilities that can come from this type of support…..feeling more comfortable in your skin, having more control over your life, feeling less alone, more successful, happier, accomplished, at peace. Just…….healthier & happier!

Designed to meet your needs

Let’s admit it, typical therapy sessions are intimidating, awkward, and downright uncomfortable. Not to mention pricey. In most cases you have to leave your house, drive to a cold and unwelcoming office building that might be located in a strange neighborhood, find parking, meet a new face, sit in a strange room. Then, what if the therapist isn’t even nice, doesn’t understand you or believe you, invalidates you, or doesn’t even like you? They may not know or respect your individual comforts or boundaries. Then you have to find a new one all over again. No wonder many people are hesitant to get help! We have enough struggles to deal with on a day to day basis just to survive.

This is why I wanted to design a supportive system that not only works for improving mental health, but that puts the client’s comfort needs first. Let me be completely honest, this is putting MY needs first too! Even though I love helping people, and love what I do, I find WAAAYYYY more comfort in staying in my house, relaxing in my comfy clothes, being alone, not having to be on video, or talk on the phone, as well as minimizing sensory input. I like to stay anonymous, I like to stay comfortable, I like to stay hidden, I like to stay in a relaxed environment, but I also love to help people. So sometimes I HAVE to step out of my comfort zone. It’s ok, it’s all worth it. The good news is that you don’t have to! You can stay in your home, you can keep on your comfy clothes, you don’t even have to get out of bed! You also don’t have to get on a video call, you don’t have to make a phone call, you don’t have to let anyone see you. Or you can do ALL of these things! The point is, you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. The control is in your hands.

But why?

My name is Jamie, I am Autistic and also have ADHD, so not only do I understand the challenges that neurodivergent people face, I also understand the effect these things have on daily life. I am aware that all of our experiences are not exactly the same but we do share a ton of commonalities that are easy for me to relate to. This is the exact reason that I felt it was so important for me to create a system that would not only work for the general population, but would also meet the comfort needs of autistic & ND people, help them deal with the things that affect their lives the most in a highly effective way, and allow everyone to feel seen, heard, & understood on the deepest level. I truly believe that this leads to success! I have heard time and time again that finding a therapist that works with and understands autistic people is nearly impossible. Plus, I have heard from a lot of people that they have spent 20 or more years in therapy without a whole lot of improvement. While they have seen some help come from it, they also still struggle with the same things as when they started. My goal is to help you minimize and completely eliminate the struggles you have, for good! You don’t have to live with depression forever, you don’t have to deal with anxiety your whole life, you can minimize or eliminate meltdowns & burnout. My main goal is to teach you the necessary tools that you can use on your own, forever, with minimal to no help. How would I do that, you ask? Let me introduce you to EFT….

What do I know?

I don’t just know about EFT, I am heavily trained in it. And not just from some random online course, I went right to the source because I was SERIOUS. When I tried EFT and experienced the extreme effectiveness it had on my intense issues, I wanted to go right to the source and learn all about it the RIGHT WAY. Gary Craig founded EFT in 1995 and has used the last nearly 3 decades to perfect it. I didn’t want to help people in a way that ended up not working, I wanted them to see the pure magic that EFT is and help them to the best of my ability. This was no small feat! A year and a half of weekly one-on-one training sessions, tons of reading, over 200 real life practice session with real people (and very real issues), I got to know EVERYTHING about EFT. I was so proud to become an Official Gary Craig Certified EFT™ Master. You can see my practitioner listing on Gary Craig’s site at https://emofree.com/practitioners.html

Timing is everything!

Right around the time I was awaiting my EFT certification is when I discovered I was autistic. This sent me into a whirlwind of research and I went heavily down the Autism rabbit hole. After some time, I clearly saw the divine timing in this, this was no accident. I needed to bring EFT to the Autistic community. I was being called to help a group of people that, for the first time in my life, felt were like me. I have never related so deeply to a group of people than when I discovered the autistic community. Wow, I finally felt like someone knew me and what I had experienced my whole life, I had people to relate to, I didn’t feel so left out anymore. If you have been down a similar road, then you probably know exactly what I mean. Long story, short (not really, lol) ….this is why I am here. This is why I developed this autistic-friendly way to not only support others like me, but to help them take more control of their lives and actually manage, and even heal, the things they struggle with most.

I provide monthly support to help improve your physical, mental, & emotional health. You can read more about it here!