11 Day Detox

This amazing 11 day detox is REQUIRED prior to undergoing any Rife treatments. This will help prepare your body to accept the necessary frequencies for ultimate healing, as well as reduce the chance of toxic overload. This also gives you the best chance of feeling great and eliminating detox symptoms that are common with the changes your body will go through. You will be able to choose between a gentle detox or full strength, depending on your desired results and tolerance. Selecting the gentlest detox strength will keep detox symptoms at a minimum. (If you have mercury amalgams, you may want to also select the mercury free detox.) This 11 day detox includes the following:

  • Removing metals (arsenic, mercury, heavy metals, calcifications)
  • Removing chemicals
  • System Detox
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Blood
  • Kidney & Liver Toxins
  • Intestinal Parasites
  • Lymph Detox
  • Lymph Support

The detox runs for 11 days straight and has a different frequency program for each day. Detox sessions will start on the 1st and 15th of every month. I will provide 24/7 support through my Voxer group as well as zoom meetings on the 4th and 12th days of the detox. Zoom meetings are optional to those who have questions or concerns.

Since the detox runs 24/7 for 11 days, the frequencies are run remotely to your DNA. This will require you to send me a piece of your fingernail prior to the start of the detox. New DNA samples are needed every 30 days.

*The remote detox should not be underestimated! If you are unclear as to how it works through DNA, please google Quantum Entanglement. You may also view the short video below describing briefly how it works.


• 11 day detox w/full support: $65

• 2 – 11 day detoxes (back to back or no more than 30 days apart): $100

How do remote frequency treatments work?

(Quantum Entanglement)

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11 day detox: $50 (early registration), $65 (late registration)

11 day detox – 2 pack: $100