Frequency Healing

Everything Is Energy

Just as an opera singer shatters a glass when her vocal frequency reaches the exact frequency of the glass, frequency resonance in the body has the ability to shatter unwanted and undesired pathogens. It has the ability to bring the body back to its natural resonance, resulting in a healthier body that is more balanced and less susceptible to illness.

Everything is energy and vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency. When the body encounters toxins, pathogens, parasites, and has energetic blockages, it’s not operating at its fullest potential and imbalance affects quality of life and can even shorten the length of life. By bringing frequencies back into balance through resonance, and eliminating harmful substances, the body is then able to work as it was intended.

A healthier mind, body, and spirit with frequency!

There are many ways to bring frequencies into resonance: music, tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, drums, even meditation and other alternative healing modalities can do this, bringing about better health and functioning of the body. The important thing is to have the correct resonant frequency and avoiding harmful ones. The best and quickest way to affect frequency is through direct sound and vibration application.

I offer many different ways to heal with frequencies! Read about my newest additions below:

Rife Frequency Generator

My Rife frequency generator is the most effective thing I have found thus far for everything I discussed above. Here are my Rife machine’s capabilities:

  • It will scan your body, find imbalances, then create a personalized program to correct them.
  • Target specific issues and dis-eases using frequencies to correct them.
  • Help the body detox from heavy metals, parasites, flukes, contaminants, dyes, pesticides, pathogens, and more.
  • Balance and cleanse the energetic bodies including the aura and chakras, as well as the energy meridians.
  • Promote healthy functioning of all organs and glands by assisting the body in detoxing and repairing function.
  • Get rid of unhealthy cells like those seen in cancer and other serious dis-eases.
  • Works in person or remotely!

My frequency generator has another most amazing capability. It can perform almost all of its functions remotely through DNA. Because of quantum entanglement, what is done to one piece of DNA, immediately affects all the other related DNA regardless of their distance. This allows amazing and instant results to the receiver no matter where they are located. This also allows you to get the benefits of your specific frequencies 24/7 without having to be directly connected to the Rife machine.


***The 11 day detox must be done at least once before any Rife frequency treatments can be done. This only has your best interest at heart and is for maximum results and least discomfort. Please read more and sign up here!

See a list of the thousands of Rife Frequencies here


Cyma Technology AMI 850

Cymatherapy™ utilizes healing frequencies in the form of sound waves to help create vibrant health! The Cymatherapy™ device, AMI 850, applies sound trans-dermally to the body. In 2013, Cyma Technology’s device, the AMI 750, was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine.

The AMI 850 (Acoustic Meridian Intelligence) system has 20 programs for the following areas:

  1. Stress Relief – This channel addresses mental, emotional and physical stresses, which have proven to be some of the underlying causes of disease.
  2. Pain Musculo/Skeletal – This channel is best used for acute pain which accompanies injury to the body—but can also be combined with Channel Three for chronic, long-term symptoms including inflammation.
  3. Pain Inflammatory – This channel can be used for pain caused by inflammation. It can also be helpful to diminish inflammation that accompanies other disease processes, such as auto-immune diseases.
  4. Vitality – This channel provides a natural energy boost. It is helpful in recovering from illnesses and can also be part of a wellness program for adding energy to focused sports or workout related activities.
  5. Anti-Aging – This channel stimulates the natural age-defying functions in the body and can be used for health maintenance. It is helpful for supporting the functions of the organs and major systems in the body.
  6. Body Balancing A – The Immune System – This channel provides assistance to the body when fighting off illness, as well as continuing to build a healthy immune system.
  7. Body Balancing B – The Respiratory System – This channel offers support for the lungs as well as works to diminish any inflammation in the system caused by infection or chronic illness.
  8. Body Balancing C – The Cardiovascular System – This channel increases circulation and supports heart health, while aiding in releasing stress which Is often the cause of cardiovascular disease.
  9. Body Balancing D – The Digestive System – This channel offers assistance in digestion and food absorption along with dissipation of inflammation which is often the cause of digestive issues.
  10. Body Balancing E – The Nervous System – This channel supports the nervous system with stress relieving frequencies as well as assists in releasing toxicity which is helpful in reducing pain.
  11. The Cellular Dance – This channel optimizes the functions of the cells to include the correct metabolism, oxygenation, and the orchestration of the vital life force circulating throughout the human form.
  12. Memory and Focus – This channel serves as a re-set of our brain functions, while improving emotional and mental function, creating calm and less stress on our nervous systems.
  13. Bone Fitness – This channel helps with the ongoing natural process of bone tissue remodeling itself, fortifying the bone matrix and creating a strong and healthy skeleton.
  14. Energy Body Nutrition – By combining the frequencies of color and vitamins, we can strengthen the nutritional pathways between the vital organs. Sound can move through our energetic bodies and aid in the conversion of food to energy.
  15. Emotional Harmony – This channel will help to mitigate the effects of stress and re-train the brain and emotional body to have healthier responses to known stressors.
  16. Toxicity Clearing – This channel is designed to offset the effects of environmental toxins. This is a tool for clearing our systems and helping to fortify the body against auto-immune diseases, by reducing inflammation.
  17. Sound Sleep – This channel brings a cascade of healing frequencies to the “five bodies,” physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that a deep rest and relaxation can be experienced, providing the opportunity for the body’s healing to happen.
  18. Vibrant Body Nutrition – This channel uses specific frequencies to support immune system health, which in turn, allows all the other systems to thrive. These “sound vitamins and minerals” provide a powerful source of vibrancy for the physical and energetic bodies.
  19. Immune Shield – This channel stimulates the body’s defense system, protecting it from pathogens that may try to attack its weakest link. It is a support for healthy emotions and heightened energy, both necessary for a highly functioning immune system.
  20. Healthy Metabolism – This channel brings balance to two activities of the body which happen simultaneously—the building up of body tissues and energy stores, while breaking down tissues to release more fuel for the body functions. This balance helps to create healthy energy levels and body weight.

You can learn more about the history of Rife, his frequency technology, why you probably haven’t heard of it, and about the frequency generator I use in the video below!