The healer is within you…

Healing is a very personal journey of self discovery. It can be emotional, daunting, and overwhelming.

I offer many gentle ways to assist you on your healing journey. You CAN heal and you don’t have to do it alone.


Out of all the modalities I offer, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is by far the most powerful, effective, and life changing technique to bring permanent relief to lifelong challenges. The un-healable becomes healed…nothing is impossible with EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively quick & easy way to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, grief, worry, guilt, fears, phobias, sadness, depression, trauma, PTSD, addiction, self-esteem, performance issues, weight loss, physical pain & more.  Relief is seen in as little as one session.

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Energy Healing

Energy runs through us all, in fact it’s the source from which we were made and it’s where we will return. With energy healing, deep healing is possible on multiple levels. In fact, I have witnessed the miraculous that most would say is impossible.

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Frequency Healing

Every single thing created is energy and has a specific frequency. Using Rife technology and a highly specialized machine created just for this purpose, we are able to scan the body for energetic imbalances and then correct them with the right frequency. We can target specific issues, run detoxes, and so much more!

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