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EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique, and its only aim is to give you freedom from emotions that are keeping you from living your best life possible. Not only can it free you from negative emotions, it can do it easily and relatively quickly. EFT is something you can do all by yourself, you don’t need any special tools, and you can use it anywhere. It’s pretty much the perfect therapeutic tool that you have available to you at all times. I know that it has immensely changed my life! I think almost every human being on this planet has something in common, we all want more peace in our life.

EFT is more than therapy, it’s an energy psychology that helps remove negative emotions that get stored in the body. These things can get built up over time and they usually have an exact starting point: one specific traumatic event that happened in your past (followed by many similar ones). If you’ve been to traditional therapy for any extended amount of time, you may know that you can talk your head off about the same thing that happened to you for years and not really get permanent relief. You will most likely still get some type of emotional reaction when you talk about it. Talking feels good in the moment, but does it really permanently resolve the real issue?

Why are these emotions so “stuck”? When you experience something that feels traumatic to you, many times the “shock” creates an energetic disruption in your body (usually in one of your energy meridians). Any event that follows that reminds you of that shock, will trigger that feeling again and strengthen the energetic disruption. This will continue to happen over the course of your life, strengthening your emotional reaction and making these experiences worse. Unless you get the energetic disruption out of the body, anything that “feels like” the original trauma will continue to bring forth that negative emotion. This is why we can be triggered into experiencing things like anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, anger, sadness, insecurities, stress, PTSD, the list goes on. This is also the reason that so many things hang around and plague us for years and decades. They are stuck in the body!

Simply stated, EFT removes the energetic disruptions that contribute to dis-ease and can, if done correctly, permanently eliminate the unwanted after effects (emotions).

I have worked a lot with EFT, that’s why I decided to become certified by Gary Craig himself! It worked miracles for me and all the issues and trauma I had experienced in my life. I wanted to help others take back their power and know that they do not have to live forever with the emotions that plague them. Not only that, emotions are more than disruptive, they also manifest into disease! They are the #1 determining factor of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Emotional Freedom to fit your needs

I offer different ways to support you on your healing journey. I am here to support you in the ways that fit you and your journey the best!

  1. Private EFT Sessions are available so we can work one on one to address all of your concerns and make sure you get the best possible healing outcome. Sessions are typically 1 hour and can be as often as you’d like. You can schedule a private session here.
  2. I have created an emotional support system that allows you to have the amount of support that is right for you on an as-needed basis. It is made to give you everything you need to help you achieve all of your health goals. It meets you in your comfort zone which, for me, is one of the most important things. So this means that my emotional support system is tailored to you and there are many ways to optimize it for you. I personally believe that flexibility equals success! My support system includes private sessions, text/email support, group sessions, and more. It is a monthly subscription and you can choose the best one to fit your needs and budget. You can learn more at the link below. Or click here.
  3. You are welcome to join my community of likeminded beings on their own healing journey. I offer a variety of groups for spirituality, healing, and support. The more people join, the more we will grow!

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