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This membership is the cream of the crop, all inclusive support! The Master Healer membership is great for those that are dealing with serious and/or chronic emotional/mental health challenges and in need of frequent support. It’s also perfect for those that are on a serious self-healing journey.

This membership includes:

- A one time welcome introductory package including complete instructions by videos and downloadable material to get you on your way. You will learn everything you need to know about EFT, how it works, and how to use it. This will also include an intake questionnaire plus initial consultation to establish your wants, needs, and goals! The initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and can be conducted via video, audio, or text, whichever you prefer.

- 4 private sessions per month to work on the specific challenges that are most important to you. These are best conducted via video, however, you can choose to stay anonymous and not be seen if that is more comfortable to you.

- Unlimited daily communication via text, email, or audio/video chat. You will be able to message me whenever you like and I will respond in a timely fashion. (I may choose to respond to you via video or audio chat for sake of saving time or easier explanation but this does not mean you also have to use video or audio. Your comfort is most important here. Believe me, I know how often we are forced to be out of our comfort zones and this is not what I want for you (or me)!)

- Access to my Members Only - Healing with EFT group, where you can connect with others who are taking charge of their health with EFT. I will also be there to contribute and answer questions.

- Access to group sessions to take advantage of the power of group healing. You can participate anonymously or with full visibility, wherever your comfort level lies.

***Best value!! The value of the Master Healer membership is estimated to be around $1000 per month!

The price for membership is $450.00 now and then $399.00 per Month.

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